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Caught In The Crossfire

The Funeral Portrait

Angry Scottish Fry
30 January
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adventure, animals, antisocialness, apples, awesome people, becoming sexified, being creepy, beyond the sun, bingo, blame, blueberry pancakes, boredness, bright colors, bukowski, bunnies, candles, castles, cats, chapstick, comedy, comments, control, daft punk, depression, destruction, duct tape, fabric softner sheets, failure at life, family guy, fire, flying, food, for great justice, foreign countries, frappuccinos, fresh cut grass, friendly friends, fsm, game show network, going downhill, going insane, guitars, harassment, heat, humor, in dire need of..., insomnia, invisibility, j.d., jamaicans, katamari damacy, kicking ass, kittens in a box, laptops, laughing, lazyness, making fun of people, maniac dances, maniacs, match maker, matt groening, midgits, minus pants, mountain dew, movies, mud wrestling, music, n.i.n., no giving up, not thinking, paint, paintball, palm trees, paranoia, peach yogurt, peppermint ice cream, phase 10, photography, pillows, pirates, play, pool, public beatings, punching things, punk, punting small objects, randomness, reading, road trips, rocky, running with scissors, rusty nails, scars and injuries, silk, sleeping, smashing mirrors, snow boarding, soundtracks, sour items, speeding, spitting contests, sports, stalking, stars, string cheese, stupid stunts, stupidness, sugar, swimming, tainted love, techno, the dark, the dew, the last one, the last remaining light, the weirdies, trench coats, trigger happy, turtles, tying knots, video games, views, watching pants, waves of bitterness attacking, webcomics, weird haircuts, what weird?, windows, writing, zone